Producer / Mixer / Songwriter Neil McLellan, has enjoyed past success with groups from Oasis to Madonna. He is internationally recognized for his work with the British dance acts The Prodigy, Carl Cox, Orbital, and Sasha, to name a few.

"I believe my success in the music world has come from really listening to my clients' needs," he says. "Often in music the ability to understand the unsaid or dealing with the elephant in the room requires a skill that can only be earned from years of experience." Whether it's using these production and mixing techniques on bands or in electronic music, he excels. 

"Often Acts from all parts of the world can't make it to me in person for the mix downs. I am happy to mix unattended and have a great track record on this as well. It's amazing how smooth and efficient this process is. 

Please feel free to reach out to Neil with any questions.